What is the history of Kramer Engineering?

Kramer Engineering, Inc. has been practicing Structural Engineering since 1976. Founded by "Woody" Reagan and David Kramer, the firm quickly became well respected in quality of service and innovative problem solving. After the retirement of Woody Reagan in 1986, David Kramer has continued to build the company well beyond its humble beginnings, attracting first class projects and top-notch clients. Kramer Engineering, Inc. has continued to be a leader in innovative engineering providing quality seismic solutions with cost efficiency and quick turnarounds.


What types of projects does the firm engineer?


Kramer Engineering, Inc. is the regional leader in the engineering of commercial and industrial tilt-up concrete construction. Since 1999, Kramer Engineering, Inc. has been engineering over 15 million square feet of tilt-up construction annually. Projects over one million square feet are routine, as well as smaller buildings of 10,000 square feet. Other large distribution facilities that have been completed include projects for Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Goodyear, Bridgestone/Firestone, Pier 1 Import, Toys R Us, Heilig-Meyers, IKEA, Catellus, Meridian, Prologis, Sares-Regis, Sketchers and Amazon all with sizes that range from 400,000 to 1,800,000 square feet each.

The firm has unparalleled expertise in panelized wood roof systems, hybrid (bar joist) roof systems, and complex architectural entries. In addition, strong expertise and experience is available in multi-story steel frame, wood frame, and concrete block construction types.


Which states are you licensed in?

Kramer Engineering, Inc. is currently licensed to perform Structural Engineering services in the following states: Arizona, California, and Nevada.


What sets Kramer Engineering apart from other structural engineering firms?

Quality of Drawings: We pride ourselves in producing structural drawings that are much more complete and well-coordinated compared to our competition. Projects are typically backchecked independently of the original design process, which provides minimal conflicts and better constructability. Our knowledge of hybrid panelized roof systems, tenant racking system layouts, ESFR fire sprinkler requirements, roof drainage systems, site and screen walls allows us to provide an engineered package layout that considers the "big picture."

State-of-the-art Engineering: Our designs are always evolving to keep pace with the latest engineering knowledge and the best construction techniques. For example, Kramer Engineering, Inc. helped pioneer the current bar-joist hybrid roof system which is popular today. In addition, an eye on upcoming building code changes is always being considered as we keep in contact with various code development committees.

Construction friendly detailing: Much of our standard detailing and layout procedures have been developed in conjunction with leading constructors who understand our product and provide recommendations to assure constructability, quality control, and cost efficiency without sacrificing structural integrity.

Fast Service: During design development, Kramer Engineering, Inc. utilized extensive computer networking, in-house developed proprietary CAD software, and in-house engineering standards that accelerate project design completion. During construction, Kramer Engineering, Inc. understands that often field problems can create delays on the project's critical path,and requests for information and clarifications are expedited. At any one time several engineers are typically available to answer any questions should they arise.


Other secrets of success?

- Anticipate the client's needs during design.
- Quick reponse to field issues during construction.
- Be open and honest with free-flowing communication.

Email: info@kramerengineeringinc.com
phone: 714.838.6222