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Since 1976, Kramer Engineering, Inc. has been providing unparalleled excellence in Structural Engineering services in the Western United States. Tilt-up concrete construction is our specialty, as well as strong expertise in multi-story steel frame, wood frame, and concrete block construction.

Kramer Engineering, Inc. is engineering 10 million square feet of projects annually, equating to a 200 ft x 200 ft building daily. Our clients will testify that Kramer Engineering, Inc. is the leader in providing fast service that is top quality and complete. Constructors will testify that our drawings are well coordinated, easy to read, and well thought-out.

Tilt up construction involves the use of site cast concrete walls which are 'tilted' up into place. Panelized wood roof systems, hybrid truss roof systems, or steel deck systems are typical. These wall and roof combinations result in a very cost efficient building built in a very short period of time. In addition, these buildings can be extremely visually attractive and engineered earthquake resistant.

Panelized roof systems provide a fast and efficient installation procedure that averages 15,000 square feet a day. Some roof subcontractors have been known to install upward to 40,000 square feet in a single day on our large projects. Hybrid roof systems combine steel bar-joist trusses with a 2x4 and plywood deck.


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