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The staff of Kramer Engineering, Inc. is an experienced group of well-respected Civil and Structural Engineers and support staff. Everyone is committed to a team approach to providing excellence in engineering and client service. All the employees share pride in the work produced and the buildings constructed.
firm's ability to provide innovative solutions to a wide range of problems and building types. Experiences range from the engineering of ten-story office towers to single family residential, from new million square foot facilities to steel storage rack design, to investigating the cause of the Northridge Meadows Apartment Collapse.
Please click on the names below to find out more about our knowledgeable staff:
David Kramer, President, Structural Engineer
Tim Hart, Vice President, Structural Engineer
Scott Baker, Vice President, Structural Engineer
Carly Briscoe, Vice President, Operations, MBA
Mitchell Hart, Professional Engineer
Susan Cummings, Professional Engineer
Kramer Engineering, Inc. consists of engineers with the best educations from some of the top engineering schools in the state.  In addition to a solid educational foundation, all employees have brought valuable experience from previous employment providing a diverse background that enhances our
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